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LPs and CDs for disposal

I have collected "Bing" records since 1955. 

In that time I have acquired many duplicates, often because I have UK and US versions, sometimes Australian, of the same LPs, as well as later issues under revised labels.

I'm thinning them out and will try to dispose of the duplicates as a single lot, possibly on eBay. However before taking that step, if anyone reading this post has particular "wants" I might be able to fill them. Contact me via the private message function on this board with a list of your wants. (Click on my name then select "Send Private message".
My duplicates must go. I notice two sets of the Chronological LPs complete so far as they went (vols 1 - 13), and many albums from the 1960s and 70s that resulted from changes in identity (Decca/Brunswick to MCA etc), as well as some of the late '70s issues when I was being extravagant and getting two of each!

Most are in Good to V Good condition and all have been played only with "quality" pickups (Shure, Orfofon and B&O) while in my possession, though some have been acquired second hand. Almost all the duplications are from "official" releases though there are a very few from the small specialists such as Spokane.

Similarly I have many CDs that are now taking up needed space. Most of those that I wish to dispose of are compilation albums where titles are duplicated within the "Chronological" series. Unlike the LPs most of the surplus CDs are from "small" labels mainly from the early days of CD.

For practical reasons of packing, transport and costs I think it best that my disposals should be limited to UK addresses.




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Re: LPs and CDs for disposal

I had little expectation that I would have any response to this, but I have had two. The interesting aspect is that both the people who have contacted me have included in their list of "wants" LPs for which there have been recent CD equivalent issues with many "extras". Some clearly still like the 12 inch black platters!

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Re: LPs and CDs for disposal

A total of four expressions of interest, and still the main concentration is on LPs.

I have been asked about the Spokanes, the "Bing's Hollywood" set of 15, (which I was unable to fill - what I have I am keeping), the three Reprise Repertory Theatre LPs on which Bing participated, and what I will call the "band" issues with Bregman, Basie and Bob Scobey, plus a few other unrelated items. Interest in CDs was to some extent concentrated on the issues from Avid sourced from radio which paired Bing with Ella, Judy et al. 


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