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Mis-dated photo of Bing

Well, it did take me some time to accept Bing's passing but - - - a photo of Bing in the "Dexter Daily Statesman" is alleged to date from the 1980's ! !
(The story would appear to be local to Naples, Florida, but the Dexter Statesman seems to be published in Dexter, Missouri.)

Item here http://www.dailystatesman.com/story/2159736.html

and a larger version of the photo -


I would guess 1976 as the latest likely date, and Bing is recorded as being in Naples, Florida in February in Malcolm's "Bing Crosby - Day By Day".

I have sent them a suggested correction.


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Re: Mis-dated photo of Bing

There seem to have been hundreds of sightings of Elvis after his death.  To tell the truth, I'd rather Bing was coming back to visit this world on occasion. ;)


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