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A Sleepy Hollow re-edit in the works

Hello all. I am currently starting work on a re-edit of the 1949 disney film "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad", in an attempt to create a stand alone version of the "Sleepy Hollow" portion of the film. I will be utilizing the 1958 openeing credits created by Disney when they seperated the 2 shorts and started issuing them independantly from eachother, using the entire opening sequence of library shots from both shorts (removing any of the introductory narration for "Wind in the Willows" of course) to create a nice intro for the film, creating a new audio introductory narration by Bing Crosby (since the original one makes refference to the "Wind in the Willows" short that precedes it) pieced together from Halloween radio shows he did and the original intro for the film, fixing a few animation errors in the film itself, restoring original coloring to scenes where color changes were made when the film was put on DVD, and creating a new end plate for the film that reflects the 1958 opening credit style rather than the 1949 one. I will be making a full DVD with extra features and releasing it for free on the internet when the project is completed (hopefully in time for Halloween this year).

However, there are certain things I lack to complete this project. 1. The original recording Bing made of the introductory narration for the film (sans background music), 2. Any recordings of Bing making refference to Halloween or other spooky ghostly things that anyone might be able to think of, 3. A better copy of the Disney made animated documentary of Washington Irving (the only one floating around the internet has VHS damage and is of poor quality)

I would greatly appreciate anyone who might have a lead on any of these things dropping me a line here to let me know. Thanks and have yourselves a wonderful day.

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Re: A Sleepy Hollow re-edit in the works

How interesting, even exciting.

'Muddyknees', I suspect that there might be some here who could be in a position to help or point you in the right direction.

There is one aspect that I would ask you to consider. From what you say, and the nature of your approach, I suspect that this is a personal enterprise. The material you propose working on is in all probability the subject of certain rights. This site would not wish to advocate contravention of those rights in any way.

Have you investigated that angle?

We are dedicated to fostering an interest in the works of Bing, and action that assists in preserving or refurbishing audio and video material is both welcome and to be commended, so long as it preserves and respects the spirit and intent of the original and respects all legal rights.

Richard Baker


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Re: A Sleepy Hollow re-edit in the works

This IS indeed a fan edit. I do not own any of the material, nor will I claim to when the project is done either. This will be made available to anyone who wishes to download it, WITH the added condition that they first buy a copy of the official film. This is a policy that has been widely accepted by film distribution companies as it ensures that downloaders must purchase the company's product in order to download the fan film.

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