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Crosby Christmas Internet Radio

A new radio station at http://bingcrosby.com/crosby-christmas-internet-radio 

Crosby Christmas Internet Radio features classic Crosby holiday radio programs, rare unreleased recordings from Bing's personal archive, and of course, his beloved holiday recordings. Also featured, are tracks from Bing Crosby: Rediscovered - The Soundtrack, the companion CD to the documentary that premieres on PBS' American Masters on December 2nd, (Encore broadcast on December 26th - check local listings.)

Also heard on Crosby Christmas Internet Radio are several privately recorded - and never previously broadcast - Christmas programs made by Crosby for the Shriner's Children's Hospital. Rare Crosby interviews, including one with Lucille Ball, the annual Christmas Sing with Bing programs featuring guests like Rosemary Clooney, Johnny Mercer and Maurice Chevalier, as well as little known gems like Bing's Christmas 1949 guest appearance on The Monica Whelan Show, a local Los Angeles radio program, make Crosby Christmas Internet Radio the perfect soundtrack for the holiday season.


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Re: Crosby Christmas Internet Radio

I dipped into this for an hour or so last night in three different sessions in the course of which I picked up parts of two of the Christmas radio shows of 1955 and 1956 and one of the Chesterfield shows, all of which I think were being played complete (and including cigarette advertising).

Very good - an interesting mixture of the familiar and not so familiar. I assume it is on a loop but quite how long it might be - - -  every indication is that it will go on for hours. You might hear the same song repeated once or twice but it will be a different version! 

The screen display shows the origin of the items beong played - giving the title and for example the radio show - such as GE6 (denoting General Electric show #6). 



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