20/9/2014 4:50 am  #1

Bing heard in PBS documentary The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

I've been sporadically catching bits and pieces of Ken Burns' 14-hour Roosevelts documentary (while I DVR it to watch at a later date), and tonight heard a familiar voice in the background during the description of Churchill's Christmas 1941 visit to the White House. Of course it was Bing, first singing what sounded like a radio recording of "O Little Town of Bethlehem," followed immediately with (I think) the movie version of "White Christmas"; it was hard to pin down exactly which version of each song was being played due to the dominance of the voiceover narration. "O Little Town" was an anachronism, as Bing first sang it on radio in 1945. "White Christmas" was first heard on the radio on Christmas Day 1941, but that's definitely not the version that was used. Nitpicking aside, it was nice (and altogether fitting and proper) to hear Bing's voice accompanyiing this historical epic documentary.


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