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70 Years ago. D-Day.

This week 70 years ago, commencing around 4th June, in southern England, tens of thousands of men boarded various boats, ships, landing craft and planes. Plans had been to commence the operation earlier but weather imposed a delay of 24 hours, so that many were penned up in their craft for endless hours waiting. What a nerve jangling time that wait must have been.

The eventual start of operation was the night of 5th - 6th June. During the night men landed by parachute and gliders in Normandy, and early on the morning of the 6th June thousands of craft were off the beaches fulfilling the task of landing men on Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold beaches.

Bing's first scheduled broadcast after the event was the Kraft Music Hall of 8th June, and it was shortened and delayed for a news broadcast to provide the anxious American public with the latest information on the progress of the landings. It also contained some misinformation suggesting that further landings would take place elsewhere, in furtherance of the need to keep the enemy guessing.

The KMH show, complete with the preceding news broadcast, can be downloaded via this link, in MP3 format.



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Re: 70 Years ago. D-Day.

God bless the soldiers that gave their lives to freedom. I will never forget them.

Great KMH broadcast! Thanks for sharing!!!


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Re: 70 Years ago. D-Day.

About three weeks ago I did the closed captinoing for a documentary about D-Day; I've forgotten now what it was called... I think it was simply called "D-Day."  It was very moving to see these men in their 80s break down, sobbing, recounting things that happened so many years ago.  The thing that choked me up (well, that started me choking up) was almost at the end of the show, a man was talking about coming back and seeing his wife for the first time, and said she was the prettiest thing he'd ever seen.  Then he grins and says, "Wanna see her picture?" and whips out her picture from his wallet.  That was it, I was gone.  Thank goodness the show was almost over or I would have had a long, tearful evening at work.


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Re: 70 Years ago. D-Day.

This old marine says 

"When I was posted to Salisbury Plain for training the popular song at the time was Bing Crosby’s You Are My Sunshine."

Much more here, including a video  (a bit noisy).



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