02/1/2014 12:02 am  #1

A Happy and Prosperous 2014

Belated Good Wishes to all for the NewYear.

Had some technical hitches over the last 36 hours or so. New Year is not the time for Wi Fi Routers to play up. 

All being well (assuming I have managed to restore reliable working), we have coming up the next part (number 4) of "The Written Word" from John Marshall and a short review of the new CDs and DVDs that came our way in 2013.



08/1/2014 4:17 am  #2

Re: A Happy and Prosperous 2014

Best wishes to you, Richard, and thanks to your contribution to the Crosby 'community'.


02/3/2014 1:35 am  #3

Re: A Happy and Prosperous 2014

Its Good To Have You Back Thanks For All Your Bing Contributions.


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