12/11/2013 7:38 pm  #1

Special concert

This Saturday at the Roxy Theatre, Morton, Washington State, we are putting together a special show honouring the veterans of the wars. Showtime is 7.00pm.
There will be a swing band, skits and other bits of entertainment.
There will be a couple doing a Bob Hope and Lucille Ball skit and I'll be doing 'who' in a skit with 'Bob Hope'.
Think I'll wear different coloured rugby socks as 'plus 4's', a hat and a pipe doing a Bob & Bing thing.
Hope it goes over alright.
We're about 80 miles from Seattle airport and 100 from Portland, Oregon airport for anyone flying in.
It is part of our Fund Raising to buy a digital projector as we need close to $50,000 because as from 1st. January studios will not be producing film on 35mm.
I held a golf day in September and raised about $250 and last Sunday we held a 9 pin bowling day and raised $340. We're up to about half way in our goal.


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