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5 Films on DVD

Just bought today from Costco a 5 DVD set of Bing movies: - 'Waikiki Wedding', 'Double or Nothing', 'East Side of Heaven', 'If I Had My Way', 'Here Comes the Waves'. Cost $9.99 plus TAX, of course.
"Waves' was featured in an article in the latest BING magazine.
I was never too keen early on, of Bing's 'That Old Black Magic' but appreciate it now for what the message was in the film.
Billy Daniels, I think in Australia anyway, had a big hit with it.


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Re: 5 Films on DVD


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Re: 5 Films on DVD

Got home and looked through my limited supply of Bing DVD's, tapes here in the U.S. and lone and behold, I already have the DVD. Thought the cover looked familiar when I bought, so back to Costco.

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