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Any Jack Benny fans among us?

For those of you who can't make the trek to Waukegan, IL, Jack Benny's hometown, you can view my pencil drawing of him (the original of which is now a part of the Waukegan History Museum's permanent collection) by following this link and scrolling down to the Benny section: 


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Re: Any Jack Benny fans among us?

Great post on Jack Benny. A new DVD set of his television shows are out, so I am happy there are still fans of Jack Benny out there. I was born the year he died!


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Re: Any Jack Benny fans among us?

Jack Benny in TO BE OR NOT TO BE is a classic. I saw it in my youth and again about ten or fifteen years ago at the home of a Crosby fan in Melbourne. It also featured my favourite character actor Sig Ruman. Who can forget his delivery of the line 'So they call me Concentration Camp Earhart'? (I probably got that surname wrong?'Can anyone correct me? I think it was in a scene in which Benny had buttered him up or conned him in some way.


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