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Hi from Perth WA

Hi there. My name is Morgan. I've been collecting 78's since about 2007 and I've mannaged to accumulation about 5000 of them. I love all kinds of the older style music especially pre-war music.

I really started listning to Bing through his 78's that I managed to pick up. Up till recently I had about 60 but recently I bought about about 1200 ex radio station 78's which includes about 450 Bing records. Interestingly enough there were many early Brunswick records.

I've been cleaning and playing these records and very much enjoyed listning to them. A clean 78 played on a modern system with a correct stylus can sound amazing, nothing like their crackly, scratchy reputation.

But the limited information supplied by the label means that for me raises  a number of intriging questions which perhaps the members of this forum might ber happy to answer.


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Re: Hi from Perth WA

Nice to 'meet' you Norman. I'm in Bathurst NSW but my Crosby collection comprises LPs and CDs, plus one 78 for old time's sake (an Aussie Columbia 07007 with 'Because my baby don't mean "Maybe'' now' and Whiteman'a non-Bing 'Just like a melody out of the sky'). Many collectors believe the sound quality of good 78s is superlative. As you may know, there are many fine books about Bing and his records. A few years ago I published my own effort REMEMBERING BING. BING CROSBY AND AUSTRALIAN ENTERTAINMENT . It's now out of print but, if you were interested your local library could borrow on inter-library loan for you.  But be warned that, at almost 600 pages, it's not for the casual Crosby-ite. As you may know, the International Club Crosby has an Aussie representative in Sydney, David Curroington, who's a font of info about Bing.


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