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Hi to all

Hi to all from WIndy.Im 33 and have loved Bing since the age of 14 when I heard him sing White Christmas for  first time.Idn never heard any one sing that way before. I was amazed and captivated by his singing It felt like opening up the best Christ mas present in the world a person could get.
I was shopping with my grandmother at the time an It was snowing, and after I had her play it for me several times she bought me my own copy.And when I saw him in White Christmas with those beautiful blue eyesI thought he was the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen.

I was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome at the age of 8 which is a neurological disorder which causes me to have tics or uncontrollable repetitive movements of the body. And Bing really helped me through my sressfull teen years. He's brought more joy and happiness into my life than I can put into words.
I hope to inspire others with my story and pass on my love of Bing to others. I'm so glad to have found this forum.II remember some names from previous forum  and ICC. I hope i haven't been too long winded look forward to hearing from you


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Re: Hi to all

Hi Windy! Welcome aboard! I'm a Huge Bing Fan, Cagney Fan, McQueen Fan and Ringo Fan. Getting back to Bing. Do you have any of his older movies? He was so Handsome! And that voice! Crooner Swooner! I can relate to your story. I suffered with a Goiter and the problems that come with it for years and now I'm going through something else. Bing's voice is soothing and his movies are feel good movies! Hope to see more posts from you! Thanks! Carmela

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Re: Hi to all

Hi Carmela.I have alot of Bings movies White Christmas, Holiday inn, High society and all the road movies with Bob Hope , to name a few ( they are so funny together.)
Bings voice is so soothing and just listening to him sing or watching one of his movies makes me forget all my troubles.And yes he was super handsome.!
By the way, I'm a big Elvis fan too


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Re: Hi to all

Welcome, Windy.  Feel free to post comments or questions in other forum postings, or start threads about movies, songs, or other Crosby topics you are interested in.  (Keep in mind the suggestions and rules of our excellent moderator, Richard, who also is a fount of knowledge, especially about the Crosby discography). New voices keep forums like this alive and lively.


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Re: Hi to all

Hi Windy,

I'm new to this forum too. It's nice to find someone else who's a fan of Bing AND Elvis!


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