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Bing's best film songs

When I recently looked at Crosby Fan World I believe I saw a post inviting us to suggest which of Bing's films had the most pleasing songs, and I thought there were suggestions that PENNIES FROM HEAVEN shouild top the list. Today I can't find the topic but my suggestion is not PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (despite its great score) but THE EMPEROR WALTZ. I especially like 'Friendly mountains', 'I kiiss your hand, madame' and 'The kiss in your eyes'. What do others think?


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Re: Bing's best film songs

If, following Graham's lead, there are enough nominations, we can run a poll on this.

So which of Bing's films had the most pleasing songs?

Note that Graham is not asking about best song but the film with the most pleasing songs.

How about ''Holiday Inn''?


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Re: Bing's best film songs

I favor the Crooner Bing so movies from the 30's like Going Hollywood, Big Broadcast and Pennies from Heaven have a nice bunch of songs.

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Re: Bing's best film songs

What a great topic!

I personally would pick either Rhythm On The River or Going My Way, and I often catch myself whistling and humming the title tracks from each, or That's For Me, Only Forever, The Day After Forever, or Swinging On A Star.


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Re: Bing's best film songs

Yes, Rhythm on the River too! Love that one!

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Re: Bing's best film songs

I thought I'd submitted a view but either didn't press the submit button or it went somewhere else.
I like the songs from "Riding High" - 'The Horse Told Me", "Sunshine Cake", "Someplace On Anywhere Road", "De Camptown Races".
Bing sent me the sheet music for these songs but they got burnt and weren't worth keeping, I'm afraid.


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Re: Bing's best film songs

Wow I have so many favorites but of I had to narrow it down, I'd say Going my way and High Society.


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