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I'm not certain precisely how many times the routine was used but I suspect it must be one of the longest running gags in movie history. It failed once because the intended victims knew it!

An assemblage here 



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Re: Patty-Cake

Hey, that's neat! Wish that had been around several years ago! I was making a Bing/Bob tribute video and wanted to include some of these moments near the end. It was a bit of an effort to remember all the times the routine was used!


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Re: Patty-Cake

Some visitors to this board may recognise "Nicoley" as the originator of some very interesting material on Youtube. 
The "Nicoley 133'' channel is here http://www.youtube.com/user/nicoley133

''Nicoley'' is a very welcome addition to this group.


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Re: Patty-Cake

Yes, I must admit that's my youtube channel. I don't know about being "a very welcome addition to this group" though! But thanks!

P.S. Oddly enough the video I was talking about in my previous post is not on the nicoley133 channel but rather on my original non-Bing-related channel nicoley132. Just in case you're curious or something.


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Re: Patty-Cake

Wisconsin badgers are welcome everywhere.


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