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Road To Hong Kong/ Say One For Me

There was a brief statement in the last issue of ''Bing'' magazine that there would be a ''two on one'' issue of soundtracks of the two films from Sepia, the same company as issued the ''Through the Years'' series.

Sepia have now confirmed it for issue in  February.
Richard Tay of Sepia deserves our support.

This is the full track listing, taken from the Sepia Records site http://www.sepiarecords.com/sepia1216.html

1. “THE ROAD TO HONG KONG''  OVERTURE Robert Farnon & Orchestra
2. LET’S NOT BE SENSIBLE Bing Crosby, Joan Collins
3. MOON OVER HONG KONG Robert Farnon & Orchestra
4. TEAM WORK Bing Crosby, Bob Hope
5. THE ONLY WAY TO TRAVEL Robert Farnon & Orchestra
6. THE CHASE Robert Farnon & Orchestra
7. THE ROAD TO HONG KONG Bing Crosby, Bob Hope
8. LET’S NOT BE SENSIBLE BLUES Robert Farnon & Orchestra
9. RELUCTANT ASTRONAUTS Robert Farnon & Orchestra
10. WARMER THAN A WHISPER Dorothy Lamour
11. LAMASERY CHANT Robert Farnon & Orchestra

12. “SAY ONE FOR ME''  MAIN TITLE Lionel Newman & Orchestra
13. SAY ONE FOR ME Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds
14. SAY ONE FOR ME Lionel Newman & Orchestra
15. YOU CAN’T LOVE ’EM ALL Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner
16. SAY ONE FOR ME (Orchestral Reprise) Lionel Newman & Orchestra
17. THE GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner
18. YOU CAN’T LOVE ’EM ALL (Orchestral Reprise) Lionel Newman & Orchestra
19. THE NIGHT THAT ROCK AND ROLL DIED (ALMOST) Lionel Newman & Orchestra
20. I COULDN’T CARE LESS Bing Crosby Accompanied By Buddy Cole
21. I COULDN’T CARE LESS (Hangover Scene) Lionel Newman & Orchestra
23. SAY ONE FOR ME Bing Crosby
24. CHICO’S CHOO-CHOO Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner
26. I COULDN’T CARE LESS (Pop Version) Bing Crosby
27. SAY ONE FOR ME (Pop Version) Bing Crosby
28. THE SECRET OF CHRISTMAS (Pop Version) Bing Crosby


Not the best remembered of Bing's films (there is even a school of thought that identifies ''Say One For Me'' as the worst) but it is still a gap to be filled and it is very nice indeed to have this issue. In stereo too. And there are some extras.


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Re: Road To Hong Kong/ Say One For Me

The soundtrack for both movies were better than the actual movies themselves.


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Re: Road To Hong Kong/ Say One For Me

Got an advance copy of this CD today. Beautifully remastered by Robin Cherry and an excellent booklet with a good number of photos. Richard Tay has done a great job on this. A parcel of the CDs has just been despatched to Wig. Michael Crampton is away at present but the CDs are being sent to Michael's friend, Alf, who will send them out to those UK and Europe based ICC members who have ordered it.


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Re: Road To Hong Kong/ Say One For Me

I've been sampling mine, too. 

David Lobosco said that the songs were better than the films, and on re-hearing them on this very well engineered stereo CD I agree. 

What we have, as an ensemble of  songs divorced from the films, is enjoyable and my CD will I'm sure get a regular play.. 

The LPs were issued at a time when there were still parallel mono and stereo versions, and I believe that in the UK Philips may have issued Say One For Me in the mono version only, (Philips BBL 7335), though in the US, Columbia did issue it in stereo (CS 8147). I believe the same was true of The Road To Hong Kong as I do not remember seeing a British stereo version, though I could be wrong on both counts. Certainly mono copies are the ones that in my experience have some, if limited circulation, though any have been hard to get. 

It is therefore possible that the songs as recordings, separate from the movies, could be new to many purchasers   

Malcolm tells us in the notes to the new CD that the soundtrack album for Say One For Me is ''very rare indeed'' . Thank you Malcolm. I'll bear that in mind when I come to dispose of my two (UK mono and US stereo versions).

And the CD has the bonus of the ''pop'' single versions of three of the songs.  

As an aside I'd add that I think that well engineered CDs such as this with good, informative notes in a well presented twelve page booklet, at the price asked, represent extraordinary good value. Compare with the LP prices in 1959-1962, adjust for inflation, and you are getting a more robust, technically superior product for a fraction of the original prices.


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Re: Road To Hong Kong/ Say One For Me

I wonder how rare the albums are of the soundtracks. I think I have both of them.


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