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The Academy to Screen WHITE CHRISTMAS at Oscars Outdoors On Dec. 6-7


The following announcement received - ''In celebration of actor Danny Kaye’s centennial, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will screen the holiday classic "White Christmas" (1954) at Oscars Outdoors in Hollywood on Thursday, December 6, and Friday, December 7, at 7 p.m. Special guests include Dena Kaye, Mary Crosby and Monsita Ferrer Botwick, the daughters of Kaye, Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, respectively''.
(no representative of Vera-Ellen?).
In the course of the remainder of the item they predict 100% chance of snow at the conclusion of the show, but this seems to be down to special effects!  Full details here -


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Re: The Academy to Screen WHITE CHRISTMAS at Oscars Outdoors On Dec. 6-7

That is a very nice set up they have made in the center of Hollywood. I have driven by it several times and it looks great!

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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Re: The Academy to Screen WHITE CHRISTMAS at Oscars Outdoors On Dec. 6-7

At a youth group they are showing 3 films, one of which is 'Holiday Inn', in Centralia/Chehalis Washington State. Nice that the young ones will be seeing 'Holiday Inn'.
And talking of Christmas, Christmas music is already being played on the wireless, music on TV music stations and a number of TV stations are showing Christmas films.
All too early for this old bloke. About the 10th. December is sooner enough to start Christmas cheer. They hadn't even got to Thanksgiving before the Christmas items started.
Then last Friday was called 'Black Friday'. Black Friday was always a Friday that the 13th. fell on. Talk about a changing world!


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Re: The Academy to Screen WHITE CHRISTMAS at Oscars Outdoors On Dec. 6-7

In the past year, I found a VHS compilation of mostly TV material performed by Danny that was produced by Dena Kaye. It is very good.

Perhaps Bing preferred working with Bob Hope, but I think audiences would have found another Crosby-Kaye movie delightful. Danny was a master of rapidfire patter and a great physical comic. I think he brought out different capabilities of Bing as a straight man than did Hope. As lovably fun as it could be, Crosby-Hope sometimes reminded me a bit too much of warmed over Vaudeville.

It is nice to hear something more about Rosie's children. Her son, Miguel Ferrer, continues in his second year in the TV show "NCIS Los Angeles"--after his long run in the cast of "Crossing Jordan" some years back. I wonder if he still plays drums as on his mom's number on the Palladium album? Has Monsita had any sort of entertainment career?


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