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More Bing items added to pictorial blog pages...


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Re: More Bing items added to pictorial blog pages...

Just added: A press photo of Bing with Bob Hope and former heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey at a PGA Servicemen's Rehabilitation Fund golf tournament during World War II (1945).

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Re: More Bing items added to pictorial blog pages...

Nice to see some of those Boxing Champ cards.
Jack Johnson fought Tommy Burns at Rushcutter's Bay (Sydney Stadium, or White City Stadium, as it was next door to White City tennis courts). Think it was about 1908.
During the 50's, American Lee Gordon brought out loads of entertainers to Sydney and performed at the stadium, using the ring as a stage, to about 8,000 people or so. The bleachers cost 50 cents and we saw the likes of Betty Hutton, Buddy Rich, Louis Armstrong and Gary Crosby, Johnnie Ray, Frank Sinatra, Billy Daniels and so many others. Believe it was for Bob Hope that the first revolving stage was installed and Bob quipped that he wanted to know when the 'barn' was built. Sadly the stadium isn't there anymore but a rugby pitch for one of the city's elite schools is in its place.


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