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The Bing Crosby Collection

I saw this advertised at http://www.nostalgiamerchant.biz/Bing_Crosby/Bing_Crosby.htm and duly bought it.

It arrived today. The 6-DVD set cost $27.98 plus $12.95 shipping plus £11.16 for customs and handling fee. Attractive albeit basic packaging.

Disc 1 - Bing Crosby Show, January 3, 1954 - filmed on a dirty TV screen (kinescope?) but watchable. It is of course available in mint condition on the BCE issue "Bing Crosby - The Television Specials"
The Edsel Show is also on this disc. Acceptable  but nowhere near the quality of the "Now You Has Jazz" excerpt released by BCE.

Disc 2 - High Tor - Acceptable quality. We know a better version is around though.

Disc 3 - Bob Hope Show from 1955. Bing has a brief guest spot and there are many excerpts from Road films. Poorish and the sound is out of sync. Still I had never seen it before.

Disc 4 - The Frank Sinatra Timex Show from 1959 with Bing, Dino and Mitzi Gaynor.  Similar quality to other versions on DVD. Acceptable though.

Disc 5 - Three sitcom episodes. Good quality and I had never seen the show featuring Gary Crosby before.

Disc 6 - Three Sennetts. "Blue of the Night" is poor but the other two are quite good. "Billboard Girl" is better than the version I had.

Costly for those of us outside the USA but Stateside fans might find it attractive if they haven't got some of these items.


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Re: The Bing Crosby Collection

An interesting set. Pity about the quality and duplication.
Thank you for telling us about this, Malcolm.

The same company list a three volume set of Hollywood Palace.
Volumes 1 and 2 are of eight discs and 3 of ten but each are at priced at $46:95.

Volumes two and three include several appearances by Bing.

I can't speak for quality.


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