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A bloke here in Morton, Wa told me some time ago that his grandfather was Everett Crosby. He told me he hadn't done any family background history - which I thought was strange with the world's greatest entertainer having the same surname. Maybe he didn't know that Bing had a brother Everett.
Anyway, on Wednesday he finally gave me a photocopy of his GF. However, his name was Everett Edwin Crosby, not Bing's brother Everett Nathaniel. This fellow has a longish face and photo taken when he was probably in his 70's or so.
Bit like Bing but also the big ears. He had a daughter Hazel Margret.
To get on with it, I searched ancestry.com but couldn't find him.
So, I input - Harry Lillis Crosby - born 1903 and there are pages and pages of Bing and a good variet of photos. A few I hadn't seen before. There are over 1,000,000 entries. Don't know if they are all Bing or not.
So, go explore.


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Re: ancestry

What I like about Ancestry.com and it is kind of cheating. You can sign up with a credit card and if you cancel within a week or two weeks (I can't remember which) they will not charge you. So once a year I go on and see what is new on there.


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Re: ancestry

One of Bing's brothers researched his family history in the 1940s and managed to get back to (I think) 1700s. He unearthed the Irish connections and identified sea captains among the forbears. Genealogy can be a most interesting area of research, not just to find names and dates but to add flesh - real history - to ancestors.

I suspect that a researcher now would be able to add considerably to the detail already unearthed because so much has now been digitized and indexed. A lot is accessible on line. It unfortunately also gives scope for the uninitiated to make silly errors and there are several unconsciously comic family trees (not of Bing) published on the internet.


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Re: ancestry

I wonder if Bing is related to the popular Canadian hockey player, Sydney Crosby.  Didn't Bing's family come through Canada on the way from Ireland to the western USA?

Here's a link to the wikipedia article about him:



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