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Duets with Andy Williams

Jeremy Rose has e-mailed me to draw attention to a show on BBC4 this evening 17 August at 23:50 BST, billed by the BBC as
''Compilation of the best duets selected from crooner Andy Williams's private archive of his weekly 1960s variety show on NBC. The show attracted the cream of the crop from the world of showbiz, from Bing Crosby and Ray Charles to Johnny Mathis and Ella Fitzgerald, who were more than happy to share the microphone with the king of easy listening. Including Over the Rainbow with Judy Garland, and Andy at the piano with Ray Charles for What'd I Say''

Not totally clear whether they will actually have any Bing content but those with access might be interested.
Thank you Jeremy.


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Re: Duets with Andy Williams

The show was first seen on BBC4 on October 9, 2009 and towards the end Andy introduces his duet with Bing with some very nice complimentary words.


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Re: Duets with Andy Williams

The "Duets" programme was part on a BBC4 themed evening devoted to the "easy-listening" phenomenon of the 60s and early 70s. There was a brief reference to Bing during a programme earlier in the evening when Richard Carpenter (of the hugely succesful brother-and-sister duo "The Carpenters") said in an interview that Bing was the absolute epitome of a completely relaxed performance style masking a great deal of hard work. I'll drink to that...

(We're an hour ahead of BST here in France and I couldn't face the prospect of sitting up until 2a.m., so I pressed the "record" button on the box of tricks under the TV and will watch the "Duets" show later today...)


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Re: Duets with Andy Williams

Supposedly Andy Williams is pretty ill so I wish him well. I never cared for him much until recently. We saw him in concert in 2000 and he was great.

One of the great ones...


27/8/2012 10:13 am  #5

Re: Duets with Andy Williams

I've just started reading Andy's autobiography.  It is very well-written.  I'm still very early in the stage when the William's Brothers were just starting out professionally.


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