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The Year In Review Part 4

Finally in my review of CDs  I must mention some issues which are not devoted to Bing but contain unique examples of some individual tracks.


A single track of Bing – ‘How Lovely Is Christmas’ from the 1957 studio recording.  (The CD notes suggest this was from a radio show, which is incorrect).

Incidentally there are a number of other tracks of Bing Crosby favourites, all sung by other artists. 

Universal 0602527280783 AMERICA.  I HEAR YOU SINGING

Bing recorded a number of tracks for Frank Sinatra’s Reprise label in the 1960s,  some with Frank himself.  This is one of the albums they did together.  There are three solo tracks from Bing and two duets with Frank.  The remaining tracks are from Frank or Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians with a total of twelve tracks.  This is a straight reissue from the LP of 1964 so many might think it is short measure.  Now here’s a funny thing.  It’s all American patriotic songs and possibly understandably on issue originally the LP was not all that easy to find in the UK.  Now we have the CD  - but it’s issued in the UK!

Very well recorded. Some stirring stuff here. Bing sings ‘This Is A Great Country’, ‘This Land Is Your Land’,  A Home In The Meadow’ whilst Frank joins him with ‘You Never Had It So Good’ and ‘Let Us Break Bread Together’.

Jasmine JASCD-538 2 CD set  PORTRAITS

This is devoted to Frank DeVol, the famed orchestra leader.  It brings together many of the major and not quite so major singers of the past.  From Bing we have four tracks which originated as singles from 1959.  ‘Say One For Me’,  ‘I Couldn’t Care Less’,  ‘The Secret Of Christmas’ and ‘Just What I Wanted For Christmas’.  Many will recognise three of these as originating from the film ‘Say One For Me’.

The pair of CDs is very listenable in themselves, with or without Bing.
Of course there have been other issues  through the year with new compilations of old material.  I have picked on those I regard as noteworthy.  If others are aware of issues they regard as being of note, please post information about them.

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