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New Bing Crosby Poll

I posted a new poll to my Bing Crosby blog. I wanted to know what your favorite Bing Crosby/Irving Berlin movie collaboration was...


I think it'll be interesting...


03/8/2012 6:25 pm  #2

Re: New Bing Crosby Poll

I think 'Holiday Inn' of the three. However, I have always disliked how Fred tried to undermine Bing and then Danny played on his 'injury' and of saving Bing.
But a good collection of songs. The song 'Blue Skies' sung by Bing is a bit sombre compared to some other versions which have a bit more 'kick' to them. Perhaps Bing could have made another recording of 'Blue Skies' with a faster tempo.
He made several recordings of 'Ol' Man River' and I prefer his early recording of it as well as his Buddy Cole version. The other two recordings were sung as entirely different arrangements.


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