19/4/2012 5:43 pm  #1

Del Mar Turns 75

Hard to believe but one of Bing's creations centering around his love of horses turns 75!

Happy Birthday Del Mar!


19/4/2012 6:57 pm  #2

Re: Del Mar Turns 75

Nice article. Yet another invention with the introduction of the 'photo finish camera'. Bing sure introduced or backed a good number of inventions still in use today.
And last Saturday's Grand National produced a great photo finish after over 4 miles of jumping fences. The official result was a winner 'by a nose', but it was more like a whisker.
How would Bob or Jimmy finish in a photo finish?


02/5/2012 8:19 pm  #3

Re: Del Mar Turns 75

Talking birthdays - tomorrow is Bing's birthdate, so I guess he'll be teeing off early after a few bars of 'Straight Down The Middle'. Andlater in the year - 35 years since his passing. How the time speeds by.
Always remember being told that the years go slow until you're 21 and then they whistle by. These days the days go too quickly and all this instant news etc. Used to take 6 months for mail, letters etc to get from England to Australia after settlement, they were really slow days.
Think I'll have a beer tomorrow.


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