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Bing Sings Dirty?

Amazon, in listing 'Through The Years' Volume 9, state that it contains explicit lyrics.


Can't thing what they particularly have in mind, and I could name a few more recent songs performed by others that do warrant that description and which don't receive any comment. Or am I being very naive?


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Re: Bing Sings Dirty?

Maybe I missed it, but I didn't happen to see any such label on that link.

Regardless, I've seen this same situation on many occasions on sites like Amazon and on iTunes where songs and albums are labeled as explicit when they are actually anything but. I have no idea why this happens (and I've seen it on MANY an occasion, for artists like Bing, Sinatra, Bobby Darin, etc.) As a matter of fact, just the other day on Spotify I came across a few versions of "Loch Lomond" that were labeled as explicit. Loch Lomond? Explicit? Are you kidding me?

I usually just roll my eyes when I see those labels next to songs and albums online. Bing was most definitely NOT a precursor to 2 Live Crew.


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Re: Bing Sings Dirty?

Emily wrote:

but I didn't happen to see any such label on that link. .

Thanks, Emily.

They do in fact seem to have removed it! Do we have visitors from Amazon?

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Re: Bing Sings Dirty?

Nice to see a good review of the CD too. I notice that Amazon are advertising vol. 10 as well.


27/3/2012 11:14 am  #5

Re: Bing Sings Dirty?

Let's not forget that explicit can also mean something being very clearly expressed or demonstrated. Perhaps that's what the Amazon reviewer had in mind... 


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Re: Bing Sings Dirty?

Maybe someone misunderstood the lyrics, but I thought that mostly happened with rock songs.

Or could there be an included studio outtake in which Bing swears....?


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