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I occasionally look in on the Nauck Auction site. They specialise in old and interesting records and they frequently have listings of radio transcriptions.

The current auction, closing 7 April, has numbers of items of interest to Crosby fans - Bing's first record 'I've got the Girl', a number of 16 inch transcription records including film promos, 'V' Discs, as well as numbers of 10 inch and 12 inch 78s, some of which are quite early with Whiteman,  The Rhythm Boys and Gus Arnheim.

I can't quite understand though, why 16 inch transcriptions were being made of the autobiography set - in some quite odd track pairings - in the mid 1950s. What was wrong with the LPs?

Auction  Number 51


You can download the listing in pdf format. They also list items unsold from earlier auctions. What would be really interesting is a list of prices realised.


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An amazing selection! The film promos look particularly interesting. The Armed Forces Radio Service seemed to like to produce its own 16" transcriptions of all kinds of things. Perhaps it saved them having to buy lots of the Autobiography sets? I'll bet it was for financial reasons.

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