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Through the Years - vol. 10

The last of the Sepia Records’ series following on from the Jonzo Chronological CDs will be available in April and will include the following tracks, many of which are relatively rare. There are also some alternate takes which were not available to John McNicholas when he was preparing his Jonzo CDs. This is another one you must have! ICC members will receive an insert for use in ordering the CD with their next magazine, due out in late March / early April.
The tracks on the CD will be:

A CHRISTMAS SING WITH BING                            BR-E LAT 8216
Happy Holiday (Berlin)                                   
Joy to the World (Handel – Mason – Watts)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Wesley – Whitfield – Cummings) [St. Louis Christmas Carols Association choir]
White Christmas (Berlin)
Adeste Fideles (Wade) [Little Singers of Granby]
We Three Kings of Orient Are (Hopkins) [Mormon Tabernacle Choir]
The First Nowell (Traditional)
Carol of the Bells (Leontovych - Wilhousky) [The Voices of Christmas]
What Christmas Means to Me (Short) [Delores Short]
Good King Wenceslas (Neale)
Jesus, Sweet Saviour (Jesus Sauveur Adorable) (Traditional) [Neuilly Boys Choir]
Angels We Have Heard on High (Traditional) [Reed Warblers Choir]
Away in a Manger (Murray)
Thou Descendeth from the Stars (Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle) (de’ Liguori) [The Vatican Choir]
Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly (Traditional)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Traditional) [Dedham Choral Society]
O Little Town of Bethlehem (Redner – Brooks)
Silent Night (Gruber – Mohr)
Happy Holiday (Berlin)

L9586    Love in a Home (De Paul – Mercer)                        Br-E 05760
L10675    Trust Your Destiny to a Star (Porter)                        DE 30555
L10676    Gigi (Lerner – Loewe)                            Br-E 05770
L11217    Church Bells (Sanders)                            Br-E 05790
L11218    Rain (Morgan – Swanstrom – Ford)                        Br-E 05790

DLA9-B   Someday Sweetheart (Spikes – Spikes)                    Test
DLA97-B Silent Night (Gruber – Mohr) (with The Crinoline Choir)                 Test
L3200-B  Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town (Coots – Gillespie)                Test
L4378     There's No Business Like Show Business  (Berlin)                 Test
L4396-B  Go West, Young Man! (Ruby – Kalmar)                    De 27349
L4447-B  Lullaby Land (Wilder)                            Voc. VL 3769


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Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

I'm looking forward to receiving my copy, but will be very sorry to see the Chronological/Through the Years series come to an end. It has been a wonderful journey, with almost every volume containing some unexpected pleasure.

With 30 tracks, maybe it was due to space limitations, but I noticed you are not including the recently discovered take 3 of the Whiteman recording of "Ol' Man River", which appeared on Bix Restored Vol. 5. Perhaps there are other recently discovered alternate takes that couldn't be included.

I had hoped that the series might continue to track Bing's post-Decca commercial recordings as European copyright law allowed, but with the EU extending copyright law to 70 years, that obviously isn't possible at present.

As a collector of early jazz, blues, country and related music, I have often found it is the independent labels, like JSP, Retrieval, Timeless, and Archeophone, that have taken the most care in remastering and making these recordings available. It will be disappointing to fans if the extension of copyright law leaves much good music unavailable.

I hope BCE will continue their fine series of reissues of Bing's albums and radio material which they own. I would love to see "Bingo Viejo", the Longines albums, and "Hey Jude, Hey Bing" available as deluxe editions!


04/2/2012 7:29 am  #3

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Yes, Jim, you are right. There just wasn't room for the 'Ol' Man River' take 3. BCE have the copyright on Bing's post Decca recordings and although EU copyright law would have allowed it, we just didn't want to tread on their toes. We look forward to many exciting releases from BCE over the coming years.

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05/2/2012 9:22 am  #4

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Jim Determan wrote:

I'm looking forward to receiving my copy, but will be very sorry to see the Chronological/Through the Years series come to an end. It has been a wonderful journey, with almost every volume containing some unexpected pleasure.

A view with which I am sure all will agree.  The last few CDs necessarily being a little fragmented, but an extremely valuable series of CDs and one that I treasure. I know some people are still trying to catch up on the 'Jonzos'.  I hope for their sakes that stocks last. The whole ambitious concept has been followed through in a most determined fashion. I remember when the first LPs arrived, wondering if the objective would ever be achieved.

A thundering success all round.


06/2/2012 10:34 am  #5

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

The only CD in the sequence that contains any tracks that are not of Bing, necessitated by the form of the original issue of the 'Christmas Sing -' LP.

The premise of the original radio broadcast of 'A Christmas Sing With Bing' was that various international correspondents from Italy, France, England introduced something from those places, all done as if live.

I have long assumed that in fact all had been pre-recorded and were spliced in. Does anyone have any categoric information?


06/2/2012 12:20 pm  #6

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Talking of Jonzo, does anyone know of an outlet for the Jonzo CDs? I keep looking on eBay, but without much luck...


06/2/2012 6:53 pm  #7

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

As far as I'm aware, remaining stocks of the Jonzo CDs are still being distributed by Jonzo Records. PO Box 212, Harrow, Middx., HA3 7LD. If that's not the case, I'm sure someone out there will correct me rather sharpish!

I agree with everything that's been said about this series and the "Through The Years" continuation. I was living in London in the early 80s when I spotted one of the first LP volumes in the window of a sadly-long-gone independent record shop in Covent Garden. After the LP series was discontinued after a dozen or so releases, we all waited with baited breath until 1998 when they finally made it to CD. The rest, as they say, is history...

A great achievement for which we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to John McNicholas for his work with the original 51 issues, not to mention the people who worked so hard to keep the project going with "Through The Years".

Many thanks to you all...


06/2/2012 9:22 pm  #8

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

What a great way to end the series with one of Bing's rarest later numbers - Love In A Home. Has the artwork been done yet for the cover of the CD. Sepia should be applauded for keeping the series alive - they are a great company and all of their CD issues are top notch. What an amazing CD journey we have had with this great series...


07/2/2012 9:00 am  #9

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

The Christmas Sing with Bing programme was recorded in advance. In view of the time differences between the various countries, there was no real alternative.

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07/2/2012 9:58 am  #10

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Jace wrote:

Talking of Jonzo, does anyone know of an outlet for the Jonzo CDs? I keep looking on eBay, but without much luck...

Jace, the 'Bing' Magazine website still has the following notice -

The Jonzo discs are still available for $20.00 each postpaid. The first 10 volumes of the series, originally released on LP, are $18.50 apiece. You can order Jonzos in the United States from Wig Wiggins (703-241-5608) of the International Club Crosby.

I'm uncertain of the position outside the US. Perhaps Malcolm can give an update?

Jeremy suggested that Jonzo themselves are still distributing the discs but I have reason to doubt this.


07/2/2012 4:24 pm  #11

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

I thought Jonzo had a shed full of CDs left but it has been a while since I've been in touch with John McNicholas. Wig may know more. Michael Crampton used to have a small stock but they have all gone now.

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08/2/2012 10:08 am  #12

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

OK - thanks for your help, everybody! I shall contact Wig in due course...


09/2/2012 5:39 pm  #13

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10


When I contacted Wig about the "Chronological" stock as of early last year, all 51 CD's were still in stock, and according to Wig at that time, none were in danger of selling out.  I hope this helps.

Zane Johnson

02/4/2012 5:04 pm  #14

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Not Long to wait  - - -  Patience!


And ICC members all have their orders in, haven't you?


04/4/2012 11:47 am  #15

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Q  Why would one be listening to Christmas carols in April?

A  If a new CD comes dropping through the letter box with some good songs on it that happen to include Christmassy things you don't really want to wait until December, do you?

But the downside is, as we all know that this is the end. The last one. Hardly believable. Especially when you remember that this all started (at least for us, the listeners) in 1984.

1984, the year for which George Orwell made all sorts of nasty predictions, when writing in 1948.
1984, the year in which John McNicholas issued the first volume of what was projected to be a long series of LPs bearing the title 'The Chronological Bing Crosby'.
1984, Twenty Eight years ago, during which, unhappily, a number of people who made important contributions to the project have left us, never having seen the completion of it.

At the time I had some difficulty in comprehending the scope of John's ambitions. It was clear then that he was aiming to issue all the studio recordings. With my first remittance I added a note - ''Really - EVERYTHING?'' I said. ''I hope so'', he replied.

Well, as we know it did not pan out quite that way.  And of course there have been a number of hiccups along the way. In retrospect starting with LPs can be seen as a false start. The series reached thirteen LPs by 1990 with 'Lawd You Made The Night Too Long' of 13 April 1932, when John McNicholas realised that the movement to CDs required a major rethink and there was a bit of a hiatus until the next issue on a CD numbered 11. John must have done some fairly detailed calculation about timings, and later went back to 'reissue LPs 1-13 as CDs 1-10 with number 10 not reaching us until 2000.

By around 2005 there were distinct clues that John might be planning an end and word seeped out that the next issue, or maybe the one after, would be the last. It was fairly evident that sales had not reached the levels that John had hoped and it was clear that if support did not improve he would be unable to continue.

Then a definitive statement that all would cease with issue 51.

Oh, what gloom and despondency!  But then more positive rumours began to circulate. Possibly a concern with a greater marketing presence might manage something with support from ICC?  Might they, could they, would they?

Somehow those who make things happen at The International Club Crosby managed to secure the interest of Sepia Records and arranged what to the ordinary fan and buyer of the CDs seemed to be a smooth transition. I'm sure that behind the scenes there was much frenetic activity and all sorts  of problems to surmount.

The transition was from Volume 51 in the Chronological Crosby series in 2007 to Volume 1 of ''Through The Years'' from Sepia in 2008.  If there is any (extremely small) regret it is that the single sequence was broken.

''Through the Years'' has now reached Volume 10 and the end. But 61 CDs in all. The CD sequence took from 1996 until early 2012, just under four issues a year. 

I think that there is a massive vote of thanks due - to John McNicholas, to Sepia Records, to Malcolm Macfarlane who I know has put in so much work for the ICC and who has maintained an incredibly high standard in his note-writing, and the several other members of the ICC who have played key roles.

A project like this requires much input - those who lent their records and photographs, those who transcribed the records, contributed to the artwork and worked ''behind the scenes'' in many other ways.

They are all owed thanks. Many thanks.
I am sure we are all very grateful.   Without this series, taken as a whole, there are many tracks that would either not be available to us, available in piecemeal form. or only available as poor quality copies.


04/4/2012 1:37 pm  #16

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Richard Baker wrote:

Q  Why would one be listening to Christmas carols in April?

Shortly after rattling away at my keyboard to write this piece I turned around to the window to see some very unseasonal snow falling.  It is just a week after a record breaking March heatwave here in the UK.  Not much, but very definitely snow, so it might just deliver the right sort of mood. Huddle up around the fire and so on. Where are the remains of that Christmas cake?. ''I'm dreaming of a White Easter''?

Most Crosby fans will know that ''Through the Years, Vol.10'' departs from the approach of all others in the series by having tracks that are not actually sung by Bing. They all come from the radio programme introduced by Bing with linking narrative by him to eight tracks sung by choirs and one reading. A ''concept'' album?

Bing's ''Gigi'' on this CD is wonderful. Bing would have been distinctly elderly for the role of Gaston Lachaille, but he could have given Louis Jourdan a few tips on singing.

Last edited by Richard Baker (04/4/2012 6:22 pm)


05/4/2012 9:12 pm  #17

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Well said, Richard.  As I have tried to repeat countless times on here, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved with this massive project.  It is beyond incredible what has been accomplished with this series.  If anyone has a contact for John McNicholas, please send a thank you to him from me.

Zane Johnson

27/5/2012 4:12 pm  #18

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

I'm afraid I've been unable to attend to this site for a few weeks, but I'm now trying to catch up on any recent events.
As it happens the world relating to Bing seems to have been remarkably quiet and Bing's birthday, when possibly we might have expected something in the way of a new issue - or two - or three! - came and went almost unnoticed.  A real disappointment.

One of the few items that has attracted my attention relates to Volume 10 of Through The Years and for this reason I am posting this note within this thread.

The CD as first issued contained the original version of Someday Sweetheart (take A) instead of the intended Take B. Most unfortunate though ICC and Sepia have come up trumps and promptly corrected the error.

There are no prominently distinguishing differences between the original incorrect disc and the corrected replacement that I can identify except that my copy of the original bears a raised number near the centre which is not born by the replacement. It is ''IFPI 7323'', though it is possible that this may not be a reliable distinguishing feature.

I see that there has been mention on another site of distortion on another track of the CD. I also can hear that distortion but I have to say that it is not severe - certainly much less distracting than the clicks and pops to be expected from playing the original vinyl.  Moreover it seems to me to vary depending on the player and I hazard the guess that something is happening between the disc and the CD player's correction mechanism.  Personally I find that things of this type are more obvious if you know they are there, so perhaps it is best if I don't say what track is affected!  But in my view it is very minor and I suspect that it will not be noticed by many casual listeners.

In the last day two further ''members'' have signed up to this board to whom a hearty welcome. This gets us over the 90 mark (I count as two - as both me and moderator in chief!).


28/5/2012 6:11 am  #19

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Good to have you back, Richard.

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06/6/2012 6:04 am  #20

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

As Malcolm said, 'Good to have you back. Richard'.


08/5/2020 3:18 am  #21

Re: Through the Years - vol. 10

Could someone post the Someday Sweetheart alternate take? I got the CD with the IPFI 7323

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