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Betty Hutton & Dorothy Lamour & Co-Stars CDs from Sepia Records

Recent release on two of Bing Crosby's Co-Stars.....


Sepia lists all the tracks on its site.

Here is a description for both CD's:

"Hollywood's Blonde Bombshell" Betty Hutton first sang with Vincent Lopez' orchestra. This compilation tracks her early performances with Lopez right up through her glory years at Paramount Pictures in the 1940s. Taken from soundtracks, playback discs, radio previews and recording sessions (many from her own collection), this set is a treasure trove of rarely heard Hutton that is sure to please.

Although she was known as "The Sarong Girl", Dorothy Lamour was much more than that. She was an accomplished singer and top starring actress who appeared in a string of hit films from the 1930's thru the early 50's. This set covers that period and shines a light on some of her rarely heard recordings from radio, records and film. Many of the film songs are from studio acetates first time on CD. 


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