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Bing and songs with lady names.

I would love to make a CD of Bing singing all the lady name songs like Dolores, Linda and Katrina. Love how Bing sings these songs! How many are there? Anyone know? I will have to do research. Please respond before my post is taken off. Someone don't want women to post here. I guess if I wanted to contribute to the magazine I will be refused too?

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Re: Bing and songs with lady names.

Hi Carmela,

Bing sang a lot of great women's names. I actually made a CD of them years ago! I'll have to dig it out.

I don't know what you mean about your posts getting deleted. Since I have been the admin, I have not deleted any of your posts. I find them interesting and fun.

Hope you are well!


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Re: Bing and songs with lady names.

Hi Carmela
I have a privately-produced CD in my collection entitled, "Dedicated To All The Girls I've Sung About". 24 tracks as follows:-
1. Louise
2. Dinah
3. Sweet Georgia Brown
4. Sweet Sue, Just You
5. The House Jack Built For Jill
6. Sweet Leilani
7. Darling Nellie Gray
8. Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider
9. Cynthia
10. Marcheta
11. I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
12. Sierra Sue
13. Dolores
14. Clementine
15. Sweetly She Sleeps My Alice Fair
16. Mary's A Grand Old Name
17. Nell And I
18. Mandy Is Two
19. Lily Of Laguna
20. Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
21. Conchita, Marquita, Lopez
22. Evelina
23. Betsy
24. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen

I hope that gives you a bit of inspiration..!

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Re: Bing and songs with lady names.

There is also, I think, Katrina.
Was there a song about Kate? Bing’s Mum.
Kiss Me Kate, was that just a film title or a song as well.?
Another song is Eileen - my Mum’s name.


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Re: Bing and songs with lady names.

Yes, Ron and what about Linda!

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Re: Bing and songs with lady names.

Jeremy, Thanks so much! If anyone can keep adding more like me and Ron that would be Great!

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Re: Bing and songs with lady names.

Thanks David for the compliments! I know you would never delete me, Piason! Lol!

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Re: Bing and songs with lady names.

One early song Bing with the Rhythm Boys is the funny Miss Annabelle Lee, another one with Pops Whiteman (and Bix Beiderbecke) is Mary, both recorded 1927 and 1929 Susianna (with Sam Lanin Orchestra), My Angeline, Coquette (by Irving Berlin; 2. Coquette recording from 1965 by Gus Kahn, Carmen Lombardo, John Green), Oh! Miss Hannah. and again the Rhythm Boys with wonderfull Louise.
1936: Corrine Corrina (a parody, not published);  1941: I Wonder What´s Become of Sally;
1945: Sweet Lorraine (with Jimmy Dorsey`sax), Sioux City Sue; 1947: Ida I Do (with Joe Venuti & his Orchestra), Rosalie, Laroo, Laroo Lilli Bolero, Lilli Marlene; 1949: Eileen; 1951: Maria Bonita (and 1975 with Paul Smith), I Still See Eliza;  1952: Ida Sweet As Apple Cider (remastered from a radio show with Red Nichols, earlier recording 1939), Rosaleen;  1954: Liza;  1956: I Love You, Samantha, Mona Lisa;
1957: Gigi;  1958: Jenny Jenkins (with Rosemary Clooney);  1961: Domenica;  1965: Amapola (with Paul Smith 1975); 1968: Thoroughly Modern Millie, Marie;  1969: Hey Jude;
1975: Hello Dolly, Roxie (with Fred Astaire).
On the Gang Song LPs Bing sung to many girls, too.
Sure on radio and TV shows there are many more girl songs.

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Re: Bing and songs with lady names.

Great job Dieter! He sang to many girls but none with my name Carmela. Oh well. I still enjoy them!

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