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AI-Bing ?

Actually many discussions running, if voices should generated with AI (Artificial Intelligence), for example also from dead singers and actors? For myself i´m no a supporter of such things. It feels for me like playing Frankenstein.
But I´m interested, whether there are other opininions on this board, people which can imagine, that new material of Bing-songs were "recorded"?
Everybody knows, that Bings voice changed through the decades of his lifetime, for example the wonderful high tones of the early 30th, his voice of the 40th or the deepness of the late 50th, or the remakable voice of his last years (at his best recordings). With AI you could select a period of Bing, in which you wishes to hear special songs with Bing and add an arrangement, for example in a nostalgic way, in a Nelson Riddle way or in a total modern present way. You can maybe create old Bing recordings in another new arrangement and Bing in top of his voice. You can join together Bing with different duet partners, like the Beatles or Elvis, singing with Bing Blue Hawaii. All types of songs would be- thanks AI- possible, although material, which was composed after Bings death. The "new" Bing as rapper. Sometimes i´m thinking Bings voice for a rapsong would be optimal because of his melodic sound of his speaking voice. All the songs some wished, that Bing would have recorded officially, but never sung or only in radio or TV,partly in short snips( like Moonriver, I Left My Heart In San Francisco, And I Love Her, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head).
I missed something, but I have thankfully so much masses of fine matererial of Bing! As I said before, I don´t like Bing in an artificial way. But could AI make Bing fit and actual for future generations, for a second carrier?
Some plan even films with AI. Bing and Bob with a very young Dottie in the canceled The Road to a Youth Fountain? So far I know, most of you are very sceptical about this last film project, which was stopped because of Bings death.
Do you have another , your own opinion to this topic?


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Re: AI-Bing ?

I'm not the biggest fan of AI, but it would be interesting to see. To be honest, I would be interested to see someone who has really studied the Crosby style and can somewhat replicate it do a cover of a song Bing never sang, then use that recording as a base for the AI models. Someone has done this with Sammy Davis Jr., making a cover of Mack the Knife in the closest approximation to Sammy's style that he could muster, then use the AI model to put Sammy's voice over it.
Sure it may not be the same as an actual recording, but it is a lot more convincing than most AI covers.

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Re: AI-Bing ?

An intriguing topic, Dieter, though I’m not really sure how it all works. The Sammy Davis Jnr link supplied by ModernBingFan0377, hints that someone who can sing a bit like the required artist, lays down an initial voice track - then the real artist’s voice is overlaid by AI…somehow??  It sounds ok I suppose, though I never believed that that was Sammy. A less discerning listener may have, however. And, no doubt, the technology will speedily improve…

As to making “new” Road movies, perhaps that’s simply the natural step beyond colourisation and holograms…But not for me…

Everyone on this board is closely attuned to Bing’s vocal styles and inflections. He left a huge, recorded legacy for us to explore, without the need of any “fake takes”. So, for me at least, if it’s not the genuine article, I’ll give it a miss.


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Re: AI-Bing ?

A very interesting topic. Personally, I don't quite know what to think about it and what I have heard thus far does not sound really good to my ears. But who nows how this will develop further. It is interesting to follow what's happening, and there are several examples on YouTube alone. I heard Bing 'sing' Bohemian Rhapsody (unfortunately no longer available) and also Killing me softly with her song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOPzTalEv14). Even the accompanying picture seems to be AI-generated! It also seems to work the other way around, by taking a song performed by Bing and making it sound like it's sung by another artist. Take for instance this example of Bing's La vie en rose (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vkv7B595TRg) which is made to sound like it's sung by Frank Sinatra.
Certainly not perfect yet, these AI attempts but as said, who knows how this will develop further.


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Re: AI-Bing ?

Thanks frans for the interesting link.
Indeed I have thought more than once, that Killing Me Softly With Her Song would have been an ideal song for Bing, if he lived longer. In my head I heard an vital arrangement by Pete Moore and Bing´s bariton/bass- perhaps with a singing group at the background.
This AI-version is not liveless enough, too slow, and Bing´s singing sounds too much monotone, missing the melodic and the vibrance. The arrangement should have more tempo and more variety. Pete Moore would have had the sensibility to record the song, cut especially for Bing´s voice and personality- I´m sure.

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Re: AI-Bing ?

There are some Bing Crosby AI of singing Al Bowlly songs that are very good, but I feel it only works if a 1930s Bing sings to a 1930s song. There is an AI version of Bing singing Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You which is one of the worst things I have ever heard.

Here are some of the AI Bing singing Al Bowlly though...



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Re: AI-Bing ?


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