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Welcome Yar68!

Welcome to the board Yar68!

Feel free to share anything you'd like about Bing Crosby!


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Re: Welcome Yar68!

Hi All

I've been a fan of Bing since the mid 70's, I'd visit my Nan every Sunday, who used to torture me and make me listen, sing and dance to Bing, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin records, over the years I learned to appreciate and love the music more and more, my Nan passed in 1982, when I was 14, when I hear certain songs, it takes me back to my Nan's kitchen dancing away while she was cooking a Sunday roast.
All the best

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Re: Welcome Yar68!

Hullo yar68 from Bathurst in Australia (130 miles west of Sydney). I'll bet that singing and dancing gave you a good appetite for your Nan's Sunday roast. It's never too late to enjoy something new, is it. When I was a young lad in the 1940s I couldn't avoid hearing Crosby records on our wireless but took little notice of them. In my late teams i was introduced to Bing's early thirties records and I was hooked.


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