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Merry Christmas Fruit cake color record.

I have been collecting colored vinyl records of Bing Crosby and Ringo Starr. The Merry Christmas Fruit Cake vinyl is beautiful. I didn't play it yet, I only played a few seconds of it. It sounds great! The sound on color vinyl these days is as good as black vinyl. I will listen to the whole record tomorrow, it will get me in the Christmas mood. I hate real fruit cake, maybe the record tastes better.


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Re: Merry Christmas Fruit cake color record.

Bit early for Christmas for me. About a week before is plenty of time.
I mean, we don’t celebrate our birthdays 7 weeks or more beforehand.
My own problem is I was born 11.20pm, 19th. February pre daylight saving time which is the last minutes of  Aquarius as Pisces starts at midnight.
I regard myself as an Aquarius person.


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Re: Merry Christmas Fruit cake color record.

Ron, my father was an Aquarius man. He was very funny and strong. I actually have Bing Christmas songs playing every night all night long. It helps my parakeets sleep at night. And since my mom passed it helps me sleep as well. Thanks Bing!

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