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Bing Crosby - Jazz Singer

I recently gave a Zoom recital to a local jazz society, entitled Bing Crosby - Jazz Singer

Anton has kindly posted the recording on Youtube for members to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4VBvmFm368 

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Re: Bing Crosby - Jazz Singer

This is a superb in-depth presentation looking at Bing's jazz singing. Running to nearly two hours, the jazz society members were obviously really impressed and hopefully will now appreciate Bing's jazz credentials. . Our thanks to Jason for putting this together. An awful lot of work went into it.


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Re: Bing Crosby - Jazz Singer

Incredibly, and considering it was a 2hr recital, only 2 songs were blocked by Youtube both from the BING & Satchmo album...

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