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Did Bing know about Columbo and the cursed ring?

Valentine went into a shop and wanted to buy a ring that had a tigers eye. The shop owner didn't want to sell it because he felt it was cursed. Rudy bought it anyway. After he bought the ring his next movie flopped and he died. Pola Negri his girlfriend gave the ring to Russ Columbo and then she died. Russ Columbo died 3 days later. Russ's friend took ring and then got hit by a truck. Russ's friends brother got the ring and was robbed the theif took the ring and was shot and killed by police. The ring was then given to a famous figure skater who was going to wear it in movie in which he was to play Valentino and then he died.Russ's friends brother took back the ring and put it in a vault in the bank. The bank got robbed and set on fire. No one knows what happened to ring after that. I'm glad no one gave it to Bing. I wonder if Bing knew about the ring? I don't believe these sort of things but it is a true story.


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Re: Did Bing know about Columbo and the cursed ring?

My interest in Pola Negri ,noted in my book 'Just Remember This', was tied to the song PARADISE. It was obvious that Pola's  sultry 1932 filmed version ,in "A Woman's Command", did command attention. Her relationship with Russ Columbo more than likely led Russ to officially record the song. Around the same time, Bing also recorded it. More so, it's an interesting comparison ,as both  recorded versions sound so much the same! A fine battle of the crooners/This RING story.in my research ,is also interesting. For sure Popa lived to (about 90), passing away in 1987.According to an excellent book, " You Call It Madness", by Lenny Kaye, Pola DID get an 'opal ring', as a gift from  Rudolph Valentino (many years earlier, before he passed away), & gifted it to Russ Columbo. She obviously did not pass away for over another 50 years, although ANOTHER woman,, actress Dorothy Dell involved with Russ, did.(Dorothy, due to an accident, passed away in July,1934,Russ,due to an accident, a few months later).While in 1934, before his death,Russ was involved with yet another actress,Carole Lombard. Around this time,Carole was also a co-star with Bing, in WE'RE NOT DRESSING). Carole would outlive Russ until 1942, due to an air crash, while selling war bonds.By that time Carole had become married to Clark Gable./According to Kaye, that 'opal ring', became part of the estate, of the young crooner who was only 26.(Bing was at his funeral). /Where is that ring now? It does have a story. I would be interested in any more info./Thank you/

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Re: Did Bing know about Columbo and the cursed ring?

Thanks for your info about Pola Negri. Your book sounds interesting. What is it about? I read Fireball about Carole Lombard, excellent book! And a book about Russ that was also excellent! I also read many books about Bing. About the ring, I couldn't find out anything else. I wonder who has it. The story about the ring would make a great movie. Thanks for your info!

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Re: Did Bing know about Columbo and the cursed ring?

Blonde/ JUST REMEMBER THIS is about popular music produced primarily between 1900-50 Plus. Your local library could most likely get it for you for free, or you can purchase it easily on the net. I cover a lot, mostly old 78s, and since Bing himself did so much to define that era, you have my critical review about Bing's legacy, especially in recordings, radio & films. /Otherwise, I suggest that you find Columbo's version of PARADISE, & compare it to Bing's version. /Thank you/ Colin


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