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Crosby family

As an 89 year old Australian I feel and am very fortunate in having met so many Crosby family members.
I saw Gary (never met) with Louis Armstrong in Sydney around 1955 or so. Then in 1957 I landed in Vancouver, Canada on Monday and met Bing on Friday in Seattle. Then I met Bob in L.A. and next day Larry.
Met Phil in Sydney and had a beer with him.
Spoke to Bing on the phone a few times when living in England (he phoned me once)
Saw the family at the Palladium. Caddied for Nathaniel and met Harry.
Met Kathrine and even had a phone call from her.
Met Lindsay’s son Kevin.
Met nephew Howard and some of his relatives.
So, pretty fortunate for a bloke from Down Under.


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Re: Crosby family

Hi Ron you are indeed very fortunate. Being a fellow Aussie I look forward to meeting you some day (over a beer of course) to discuss more details. Cheers, Dave Duncan. 


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Re: Crosby family

I’m in Bermagui and 1st. Sunday of month I travel to Sydney for brother’s family gathering.
Can travel up on a Friday for a Saturday meeting. Usually head south again on Monday from Sutherland station. Brother is at Menai

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Re: Crosby family

I wish where I lived we were able to do Bing Crosby meetings and get togethers. Here in the States the fan base is so spread out, it is nearly impossible.


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Re: Crosby family

Hi Ron sorry I just got your message so will send a private email. Yes David it is a pity we are all so far apart but isn’t it wonderful how technology can allow us to at least communicate compared to the 1980s when I first joined the Crosby Club. 


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