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Bing's bakery/ white christmas cupcake

Hi.  I saw the show, Buddy's bakery rescue on TLC last week and in it was a featured resaraunt named Bing's bakery.  this bakery had no connection to our man, Bing that im aware of, the bakery opened in 1946, I think and I beleive the original owner's first or last name was Bing. I wonder of Bing Crosby ever knew of or visited them and had one of their treats?!  It made me smile and think of our man Bing...and if i ever opened up a resaurant id want to dedicate it to him.
Also I recently watched the program cupcake wars, in which a contestant makes a white Christmas cake, with a pretty white frosting and which she dedicated to Bing Crosby, the other contested made an Elvis Presley cupcake with a fried peanutbutter and banana topping/design. The Elvis cupcake won out, but my vote would've went to  the white Chrismas cupcake, I think was much prettier. Nice tribute to our man and Elvis, though.




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