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Bing on DISH

Dish channel 9406 in the Pacific Northwest is a channel called Classic Arts Showcase.
They screen lots of musical clips and no advertising.
I e-mailed them asking if they will present any film clips of Bing.
I have been advised that next week they will do a Bing presentation and that it is old. Wondering if it could be a Mac Sennett short.
Anyway. as soon as I hear from them I will do a posting of their information.


14/9/2014 2:05 am  #2

Re: Bing on DISH

Saturday 13th. September - 19.00hours. Hallmark movies channel 186 Pacific Northwest.
Advertising Christmas movies starting soon. Introduced with Bing singing "It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas'.
Nice to hear and hope it may inspire people to buy buy/look for Bing's Christmas CD's.

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