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Weather - meanderings on current conditions

Ah! The Weather - the first topic of conversation for the English, always beset by very variable and unpredictable climatic conditions. 
But possibly in America too now?

Droughts in California, with parts being declared a disaster area,  ice /snow storms further east and in Canada.  Terrible conditions and a couple of correspondents have been telling me about problems in caring for livestock and shovelling snow / digging cars out.

And in Britain almost perpetual rain since mid December, (only now showing signs of cessation) leading to prolonged and extensive flooding. Just about every record in the book broken. If there is any positive about it, the temperatures have been very mild - (not much snow anywhere).

Bing's songs about snow /winter were all of a positive character - how nice to be round  the  fire, all cosy and warm, or longing for a White Christmas. That's all very well, but - - - - -

Even when  he complained that "the weather outside is frightful" he was happy to "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"  

Rain is treated a little light heartedly as well, with the "pitter patter on the pane". Recent experience is more like pounding on the pane.  My daughter, actually flooded in 2012, has escaped several times  over the past two months by tight margins and gets very anxious with each fall of rain. She certainly does not look for any pitter pattering. 

Other weather related titles were a little more appropriate - the dry westerner calling for "cool water" and the  demand of "river stay 'way from my door" being quite appropriate to the areas and conditions in question.

The latter plea is appropriate for my brother who, whilst dry, is nearly surrounded by water and has lengthy detours to make what should be very short journeys because so many of his country roads are only passable with high-riding vehicles. 

So commiserations to those adversely affected: may things soon improve for you. Let us hope that all this is a "once in a 100 years" pattern and not part of something longer lasting.



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Re: Weather - meanderings on current conditions

And bush fires in Australia and California. Having "A Heat Wave". Don't know if the poor old
Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree with fires all around.


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