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The Written Word

In an earlier thread there was mention of John Marshall's work on Bing's films (links to the thread here - scroll down http://crosbyfanworld.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=645

John has been at it again and has compiled a "Powerpoint" presentation of numerous press reports and articles. He labels it as Part 1 Click on the link to download the .pps file. 


You will need a Powerpoint viewer. If you don't have one they are freely downloadable from Microsoft, here 

For those so equipped, the file will also open in "Impress" and if anyone has difficulty I could make it available in pdf format for reading in Adobe.

John's work on films was fascinating and comprehensive. The current work on press reports is equally fascinating, mainly from the 1930s but some from 1940s as well. 

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Re: The Written Word

I think some of John's explanatory words expressed in an email to me are appropriate. He says

"The main component of the exercise is to present the actual 'living' page exactly as seen in the original newspaper of the time. This, if I may be so bold, is something unique in that it isn't anyone's view of what some article may or may not have said, or implied, but the verbatim piece. Free of any form of editorialising adjustment, tinkering or tampering.  . . . . .. . . . I've made it clear there is no chronological intent. Things are entered as they surface during my exploration so that anything is fair game through to the late 70's.  A close, detailed look at what Bing was up to in the 30's and 40's written by contemporary reporters  . . . . .minus any present day author intrusion has never been attempted before so while much of it may be as trivial/ publicity machine fodder today as it was then, the reader is finally there on the spot as the presses roared..... "

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Re: The Written Word

John Marshall has been busy again on his work"The Written Word" and part 2 can be seen here.


Clicking on this link should download a Powerpoint presentation. As before it needs a Powerpoint viewer though Impress will also work. If needed I can supply it for reading in Adobe Acrobat format.

Many thanks, John. Totally fascinating browsing.

The Spokane Daily Chronicle, Sept.7th 1956 had a headline "Bing Denies He'll Wed - Movie Capitol (sic) Alive With Rumors"

This and much more to browse.


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Re: The Written Word

More from the busy John Marshall.

Part 3 of his work "The Written Word" can be downloaded by clicking on this link - 


As before, it is a "Powerpoint" presentation but other presentation packages such as "Open Office Impresss" can be used to view it. I can also supply in as a .pdf file for reading with Adobe Acrobat on request.

It makes a fascinating read. There are lots of news and magazine articles culled from many sources.. 


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Re: The Written Word

Part 4 of John Marshall's work "The Written Word" can be downloaded from here


As before, a Powerpoint presentation, (a .pps file) but again I can provide it as a .pdf file for viewing in Adobe Acrobat.

Lots of interesting news items here, including such matters as the contemporary coverage by newspapers of the relationship between Bing and son Gary.


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Re: The Written Word

I have had an email from John in which he says, in part - "You'd have to be knocking on 90 or thereabouts to have read much of this material as it appeared - and you'd have had to be 'taking' a few dozen newspapers from across the various states. I personally feel the fact of it being verbatim, untouched by any 2000 editorial inclination  - - - - are all valuable plusses - - -"

I can only agree. Just occasionally though, it might be appropriate to interpret the reports a little in the light of revised or additional information that came to light subsequently.


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Re: The Written Word

John continues with his great efforts
Part 5 is now here. Just click on the link to download.


Read about the early days of American Decca, Bing answering all his fan mail despite cost of 50 cents each - in 1934, Kraft Food suing Bing, Bing taking a "wallop" at record playing on air, in 1935 and much else, as it happened..

Read all about it, folks!

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Re: The Written Word

Part 6 can be seen and downloaded from here 


and part 7 from here 


Quite fascinating to read it all as it happened.

As before, these are Powerpoint (.pps file)  downloads. 

If anyone has trouble viewing them I am able to convert to other standards - contact me off board.

Many grateful thanks to John Marshall, and my apologies for seeming inaction for a prolonged period.


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Re: The Written Word

And another - part 8.

John tells me this is the penultimate section. A pity, I could go on reading these for much longer.


Read about such matters as 

Bing has made Yule season official
Bing's golf chat on radio clashes with his KMH show whilst he is on vacation from it. .
Bing claims he's not a success yet.
Bing's "demi - centennial" in show business concert, aged 71
Taxes bother Bing, romance doesn't.
Discover why Bing's films were banned in Denmark
Bing kicking over the traces
The most careless, slovenly dresser among the movie stars undergoes a metamorphosis.


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Re: The Written Word

And the final part of John's work, part nine, is here


Bing marries for a second time
The end of the General Electric radio series
"Bing " Crosby gets radio job in 1931
1958 kidnap plot
Car crashes - in 1958 and 1953
Bing bumps Frankie in Downbeat poll
Bing loves horses (but what does he hate?)
Bing hand picks orchestra members for Trotter's band, 1938

These and many more.

Very many thanks to John Marshall for making these news items available and preparing the Powerpoint presentations.


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Re: The Written Word

John has created a site of his own, with direct access to all the parts of "The Written Word" as well as his work covering Bing's films,  "A Night At The Movies"

It is here  http://johncmarshall.co.uk/home.html

Shortly I'll build in a permanent link to the site. 

The files are in Adobe (.pdf) format instead of the original Powerpoint (.pps) files. I'll leave the original links to the .pps files that I posted in earlier messages for a while but will take them out and replace them after a short time, (purely for consistency and to save space on my own server).

I do commend the "Written Word" to anyone who has not yet examined the work. A real goldmine of contemporary reports.



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Re: The Written Word

I have added a permanent link to "The Written Word" and "Bing - A Night At The Movies" by John Marshall in the top half of this site.

I know that some visitors to this board suffer from slow internet connections and may not always be able to load such items. If anyone does have a problem, drop me a line and I might be able to find a resolution. One approach is to zip up the files (so making them smaller) and depositing them in the "cloud" for download and local loading. 

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Re: The Written Word

Some earlier postings have referred to John C.Marshall's various presentations -
"Bing - A Night At The Movies"
"Bing - The Written Word"
"A Century Of Celluloid" 

The links no longer work because John has taken his own site down. He has however put versions of his work on The Internet Archive and I have changed the link at the top of the page to point to the new location for the first two (which are wholly of Crosby material).

There are some Bing items also in the apparently renamed "Celluloid Century", here https://archive.org/search.php?query=%22CELLULOID%20CENTURY%22

There are many hours of interesting reading amongst the material that John has compiled, all directly from original contemporary sources.


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Re: The Written Word

John Marshall has now added his very interesting Footloose Follies series to the Internet and this can be found by searching against John C. Marshall Footloose Follies. This series has many clips of Bing and many other greats from the 30s, 40s and 50s.


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