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Was Stagecoach officially released because I can't find it anywhere. I have the movie but would like the clearer dvd picture.

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Re: Stagecoach


Yes, as far as I know, Stagecoach was released on DVD, and it can be purchased on Amazon, among other sites. Unfortunately, it looks like it's quite expensive at the moment. Here is the link:



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Re: Stagecoach

Anton, Thanks so much, but I look for sites that accept check or money order as payment.

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Re: Stagecoach

I bought a DVD of "Stagecoach" off of ebay a couple years ago, but found upon receipt that it was a computer copy, nor official DVD release as I thought I was purchasing.  Sometimes doesn't play well.  Despite some humorous production issues -- like Indians riding bareback being dragged by non-existant stirrups after being shot off their horses (repeated again and again, too!) -- I truly love Bing's great character-actor performance, not the mention the chance to chuckle over classic Slim Pickins remarks and antics.


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Re: Stagecoach

Coming on at 11.30am - Pacific time - in about 30 minutes on Gett tv124
Taping to watch later.


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Re: Stagecoach

Was it the Crosby version or the John Wayne film?


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Re: Stagecoach

Bing of course.


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Re: Stagecoach


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