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Hobie Wilson

I have just found out that one of the great Bing Crosby fans has passed away: Hobie Wilson.

It is a terrible loss to the Bing Crosby world:

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Re: Hobie Wilson

Thanks David for letting us know. I'm so sorry to hear that Hobie has passed away. It is a Great loss to us. RIP Hobie. I'm sure he is watching Bing at a concert up there. My prayers for him and family. Carmela 

Peace and Love! 

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Re: Hobie Wilson

Thank you David for conveying this sad news.

Hobie was one of the greats of the Crosby firmanent.

I'm sure that all who had contact with Hobie or who had knowledge of his contributions to the Crosby legacy, will  wish to extend their sympathy to Cathie in her loss.

I have sent her a short note of condolence.


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Re: Hobie Wilson

I talked to Cathie last night, and she was coping but felt overwhelmed at all of the outpouring for Hobie. Hobie is among the truly great Bing fans - many of them are sadly not with us any longer: Ken Twiss, Bill Osborn, Charlie Baille, Bob Lundberg, Derek Parkes, etc...

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Re: Hobie Wilson


I just wanted to let you know that I have added your excellent Bing blog to the list of recommended blogs on The Vintage Bandstand, the blog I publish about vintage jazz and the crooners. That way, the readers of my blog will be able to access yours. I love reading your most interesting articles, so please keep 'em coming!!! 


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Re: Hobie Wilson

Thanks Anton for the kind words - I'll do the same for your excellent blog as well!

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Re: Hobie Wilson

Sorry to hear about his passing. My condolences to the family. Mr Wilson and his contributions to Bing will be missed.



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