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"Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

With my "Chronological"/"Through The Years" series done, I was thinking about the "Going Hollywood" CD series that Jasmine put out a few years ago.  I realize that the most of the songs on each set came from the Decca releases, but I've read where some versions on each set are actual soundtrack versions.  Does anyone have these, and if so - would anyone care to comment on the sound quality?

Thank you!

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Zane Johnson

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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

Mine are back in Australia (there we go again, Jeremy). Remembering the first three contained more sound tracks than number four.
I particularly enjoy the 'soundtrack version' to the commercial recordings. One which comes to mind is 'I Wish I Were Aladdin'. Also, there are some that were never recorded commercially like 'Boo-boo- something". This song was in a railway carriage and even Jack Oakey says a couple of boo-boos, about gold fish going boo-boo-boo.
Mine are on the Jonzo CD's.


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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

I thoroughly recommend the "Going Hollywood" set. Many soundtrack versions. Very good quality indeed. A must for your collection.


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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

See http://www.jazzdiscography.com/Artists/Crosby/crosbyIssuesCD.html for full details of all the tracks. Search under "Going Hollywood" and you'll find the CDs easily.


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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

Malcolm Macfarlane wrote:

I thoroughly recommend the "Going Hollywood" set. Many soundtrack versions. Very good quality indeed. A must for your collection.

A sentiment with which I am sure many will agree.

I liked the LPs ''Bing's Hollywood'' when they were issued 'way 'way back (about fifty years ago now), but the CD set ''Going Hollywood'' from Jasmine seems to me to go one better. They cover similar ground but for many songs substitute the recordings used on the soundtrack.  I think that these benefit from a greater impact in some way - there are not too many distractions from ''sounds off'' but there is the added bonus of the participation of co-stars in some instances and I for one frequently have the impression that in re-arranging the tunes for the studio recordings  John Scott Trotter was attempting to distance himself from the very acceptable originals in ways that were not obvious improvements. 

And there are songs included that were not recorded as studio cover versions. Indeed, I remember running a check when they were first issued and decided then that I could not confidently identify anything sung by Bing in the films concerned that was not included.

The sound quality is excellent of the periods covered.

Geoff Milne, a great advocate for Bing, did a first class job on the production of the CDs, issued from 1998 to 2003, but all are still available. I would not be without them.

Jasmine Records have a number of Bing's records in their lists, frequently with other artists, including Bob Hope, The Andrews Sisters (and the Bell Sisters)  and well worth exploring. As with Sepia they provide good information about the recordings and notes are written by appropriate experts.  Sources are frequently film and radio, which adds to the interest.



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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

I've always enjoyed the Jasmine "Going Hollywood" releases.

I've also got  Vols. 1 & 2 of a series called "Bing Crosby - Road to Hollywood" which I think I bought in the States about 10 years ago. They're on a label called "Great Movie Themes" and although all the tracks seem to be the commercial release versions, they are a good overview of Bing's movie songs from "The King of Jazz" through to "She Loves Me Not".

Not sure whether they ever got beyond Vol. 2...

(As always, nice to hear from you Ron, but maybe you should consider putting "BIA" just to save time..!!)


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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

Okay Jeremy, I'll try to remember that. Could also mean British International Airways or British Islea Association, but doubt if either of those exist.
See you soon.


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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

I believe that the Road to Hollywood series never got beyond the second volume, and both are still available on Amazon, both new and used.

As for the Jasmine 2-CD sets entitled Going Hollywood, I agree with Richard: no true Crosby fan should be without them. I bought them when they first came out and listen to them quite a bit. Like Richard, I also appreciate that many of the songs on those compilations come from the actual soundtracks, and I don't believe that there is any song in the movies covered in each volume that has been left out.

I also agree that Jasmine is a very good reissue label that has been building a fine catalog of Bing releases, as well as wonderful reissues of classic pop and jazz (not to mention classic country), but I think that their liner notes, while penned by experts, could be more detailed and better written.

Finally, I must add that I have a French 3-CD set released in 1995 in the Chansons Cinema series that includes the commercial versions of songs from The King of Jazz, The Big Broadcast, College Humor, Too Much Harmony, Going Hollywood, We're Not Dressing, and She Loves Me Not, as well as a whole disc's worth of recordings with Paul Whiteman, not taken from any movies. I bought it in Europe several years ago, and the sound quality is also very good.


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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

I agree how great the Jasmine "Going Hollywood"set is - I wish they would do another one, because they stopped at around 1949 I think. Although I have all of the songs on the Jonzo/Sepia series, I still have a soft spot for the Bing's Hollywood LP series on Decca from 1962. I sold a few of the older issues, but I have the later albums in the series.


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Re: "Going Hollywood" CD sets, Volumes 1-4 - Opinions?

Just a short question about the sets issued by Jasmine Records: according to the Bing Crosby online discography, Paramount issued several promotional disks containing actual soundtrack recordings from Bing's movies. Were these disks used for the Jasmine releases? If not, would this be a viable project for Sepia?

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