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a confession....

As a preface let me point out this category is described as the one that can include anything non-Bingish.  I suppose my post will be more non-Bingish than any other posts so far in this category...though it tangentially relates to Bing.

You see (I hesitate to type it "out loud" for this first time), but I think I have become a GOLF FAN.  I didn't even see it coming, until it already seemed to have happened.  Looking back, though, it seems to make some sense.

While I liked playing baseball and (American) football as a kid, I have rarely felt much interest in viewing any team sports as a spectator, live or on TV.  I have always been much more interested in viewing individual sports: ski jumping, diving, auto racing, log rolling, curling...even on rare occasions golf.  Most of them I can't or wouldn't try as an adult.  I did actually take a couple of golf lessons forty years ago, but I seemed to be able to knock the ball every direction but straight ahead and gave up. Then, too, golf has always struck me as that silly game where the players follow that little ball around all day.  I know I'm not the only person who ever thought of golf that way.  Even an uncle of mine told be he felt the same way for years, before he took up golf in retirement and got completely hooked on the game.

Televised golf also used to be kind of humorous.  Remember when the sportscasters whispered all of their commentary and the tournament viewers on the course clapped in a bizarrely soft way, some of them wearing gloves?

Maybe part of the explanation for what has happened is that I don't have cable TV and am stuck with the sports offerings on broadcast TV, and also that this spring and summer, the auto races seem to be aired much more rarely than they used to be, and often the only individual sport on weekend broadcast TV might be golf, and the non-sport options often aren't very good: infomercials and really bad teenager movies.

I think, too, it started in late winter, after an especially hard winter, and the golf courses looked so GREEN....  I started watching golf much more than I used to.  Then lately CBS's golf commentary crew has added David Feherty, whose dry witticisms I find very entertaining.

Whatever the cause, I find myself watching golf every week.  I find myself sitting through hours of TV golf now.  "Is this really me, now?" I wonder.  I'm afraid there might not be a cure.  It is at least a small comfort to imagine that Bing would approve.


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