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A Bing Crosby song that was stuck in my head tonight was Bing's rendition of "Smarty". Bing introduced this in the 1937 film Double Or Nothing. Bing sings the song as he is trying to outsing a operatic chef. The version I love to play is from my first Bing CD - Bing Crosby Sings Again which came out in 1986. It was compiled and remastered by the great Steve Hoffman. It is hard to believe that CD is 36 years old!

Anyways, Bing recorded the song for Decca on July 12, 1937. It was stuck in my head tonight, and now I hope it is stuck in your head now...



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Re: Smarty

Archiefit wrote:

That was my first Bing CD too.  And I bought it before I ever owned a CD player.  I remember at the time I didn't want a CD player so I just taped it using my sister's CD player. 

The sound of that CD is still remarkable. I have become friends with Steve Hoffman, and he is really proud of that CD issue.

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Re: Smarty

It's an appealing song and I like the scene in which Bing sang it in Double or Nothing, a film that I reckon is beaut.


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