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More Participation

It is hard to believe that we are almost halfway done with another year. Bing has been gone almost 45 years now. This board exists so fans of Bing Crosby can gather together and relate stories, memories, collections anything pertaining to Bing. In the last few months the busiest part of my role as an administrator has been keeping out the spam and scam accounts. Amazingly, 75% comes from Ukraine and Russia.

This board will not continue to exist with just the participation of myself and one or two people, please keep this board alive just as we try to keep Bing's memory alive every day. I encourage everyone to post intelligent and thought provoking conservation about Bing. However, don't post just for the sake of posting.

Let's really get this board going and keep the memory of Bing alive!


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Re: More Participation

All I can do is second what the previous two gentleman have stated. For years I was an avid reader (not poster) on the Steven Lewis message boards due to a little online shyness. There used to be a forum dedicated to another US singer of similar vintage (where I did not dare to tread) where innocent and well meaning posters were often criticised and actually sometimes belittled by this late singer's daughter and other posters.

Fear not! I have only experienced the maximum of friendliness and welcome on here, with members bending over backwards with their kindness and generosity in all things Bing. Although Mr Crosby will have been gathered forty-five years this autumn, his historical legacy is secure but it would be so lovely for more of us to keep preserving his memory by recalling Bing's many talents, achievements and staggering career. 

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Re: More Participation

Seems a lot of people come here thinking it's a library and all they do is read.   This is supposed to be a place where we talk, leave interesting Bing messages, tell of a recent Bing sight or a radio show heard.  The idea is to participate in TALKING not silently read and move on.


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