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Welcome Benclink!

Let's welcome our newest member to the board  - Benclink!



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Re: Welcome Benclink!

Lobosco wrote:

Let's welcome our newest member to the board  - Benclink!


I know we've messaged previously, Ben (and thank you, again for your really useful ideas) but just to extend a welcome on to here. How did you find out about us ... and how and when did you become an admirer of Bing's?

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Re: Welcome Benclink!

Hello All,

Thank you for the official welcome!

I have strayed from the messages boards over the years. I remember Steven Lewis board back in the day and was a member of the ICC. 

I grew up being introduced to Bing's music by my grandparents. Milestone: I remember my Grandparent's talking with my Aunt and Uncle about Bing Crosby passing in October of 1977. I remember this well because I was playing with my tinker toys and listening to them talk of his sudden passing. I also recall watching the last Christmas special on TV with my family.

I really started collecting Bing related items around 1983 or 1984 and continue off and on to this day. I did have the opportunity to go to the golf tournaments the family did at Bermuda Run a couple of times. 

When I worked in radio years ago Andy Williams was promoting a bio at the time and I live in Cincinnati and graduated from the same high school as him. I was able to set up an interview and talk with him from his office in Branson ( Of course it was quick and I was overwhelmed and didn't get a chance to ask him anything about Bing Crosby!)  His secretary said Mr. Williams is ready on the line to take your call....some niceties and then I had to passed it off to the interviewer.

Again thank you for the welcome!

Ben Clinkenbeard


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Re: Welcome Benclink!

This is a belated welcome from Down Under, a place which Bing didn't visit although apparently that was planned for late 1977. I wonder if you've visited Australia. I live in Bathurst, a small inland city about 220 miles west of Sydney. I was interested to see that you worked in radio. Each week a present a nostalgic music  program on our local community radio station 2MCE-FM and, needless to say, always include a couple Crosby selections.


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