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Rare Standards Only Sung On Radio

As a lot of you know Bing sang a lot of songs exclusively on radio, even when they are famous standards. I was wondering if any of you had these 2 songs in either of their forms as both of them were only performed twice each, although one of the 3 are from the rice tapes. Those songs being;

At Long Last Love (from both November 10 and 24 of 1938
Love Is Here To Stay (both from April 21 and May 5 of 1938)
That Old Feeling (being one of the songs from the rice tapes)

I do realize two these songs here are from the 30s, so there is a smaller chance of them surviving, but both songs have other songs from the same show that have appeared mainly on the SPOKANE LPs.

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Re: Rare Standards Only Sung On Radio

John, I've emailed these to you.
At Long Last Love
That Old Feeling
Don't have the other one.

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