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London Palladium plaque miniature.

This is one for our - ahem - more mature readers..!

Whilst archiving a set of “Bing” magazine from the 1970s recently, I came across this flyer from 1979. As you can see, the full-sized plaque was unveiled by Bob Hope on 29th March of that year - and remains on display in the foyer of The London Palladium to this day - and this miniature was subsequently offered for purchase to ICC members. Does anyone out there know if this project ever came to fruition and if so, has anyone still got one of the miniatures..?



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Re: London Palladium plaque miniature.

This plaque looks familiar.  I think I saw a photo of Bob Hope holding this plaque up.  I believe it was in Bob Thomas's book, "Bing".   I'm going to go look for the book now.  Wait here.


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Re: London Palladium plaque miniature.

OK, found the book, it's called "One & Only Bing" it's really most pictures, I skimmed thru the book but didn't see the picture I'm thinking of.  It must be somewhere in another Bing book perhaps, but I do remember seeing that plaque as Bob Hope was holding it up looking at it.  I'll have to look again more slowly, could be I passed it by, it's a small paperback and compact.   I also have a larger hardback version of the book as I recall.   Haven't looked at these books in a long time..


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Re: London Palladium plaque miniature.

Yes, the plaque was unveiled by Bob Hope at The London Palladium on 29th March 1979. It’s at the bottom of one of the staircases just inside the main entrance on Argyll Street. I last saw it about a year ago when I was walking past The Palladium in what seems, in these strange times, like a former life!

I just wondered whether anyone remembers acquiring one of the miniature replicas offered on the flyer...

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