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"The Complete Bing Crosby: A 10th Anniversary Collection" 3-LP set?

I just acquired this set. I'm delighted to discover that the records are pristine and sound great, but I have a question for those who've known this set of recordings since it came out:

Was there some kind of insert that included in-depth information about the tracks?

Mine has no insert, and no printing on the individual record sleeves, which are plastic (possibly not the originals, but I don't know for sure). There is very little info beyond the track titles on the back album cover. 

I've had a middle tape from the cassette tape edition for several years, but it is nice to hear the entire collection.


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Re: "The Complete Bing Crosby: A 10th Anniversary Collection" 3-LP set?


The set was issued in UK by Warwick Records and included a single LP sized folded sheet ie 4 pages,

The front was in white print on black bacground (Ugh!) with a half page photo of Bing, Ken Barnes and Pete Moore, plus two smaller pics of Bing at earlier points in his life. Pages 2 and 3 contained notes of a general sort about the songs or more specifically the three types of songs covered by the three discs. the fourth page consisted of song lists, composers, instrumentalists and recording info. There is not a great deal of info specific to individual songs.
I assume something similar would have been included in the US issue.
I have enlarged on this in a personal note to you.


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