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Bing's Christmas TV Specials

I know I am a bit late to this being 3 days after Christmas and all, but does any one know any ways to get some of Bing's Christmas specials that weren't released in that The television specials volume two? Specifically Merry Christmas Fred, From the Crosby's? I've found snippets online, and I know it was partially included on that TimeLife set, but alas it was chopped up.

On a side note I have the same question for Bing's 50th anniversary special.

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Re: Bing's Christmas TV Specials

You must have not been reading this board the past few weeks because all of Bing's Christmas specials from 1971 thru 1977 were shown on GET TV and they were even all repeated on Christmas Eve.   So close yet so far, as they say.   But knowing GET TV and how they operate they will more than likely replay these Bing shows next year at Christmas time, as they do repeat their Christmas Perry Como and Johnny Cash Christmas specials each year.   And my guess is that sometime in the coming year someone will post these shows on Utube.   So don't give up.  The big disadvantage to these Get broadcasts though is they're edited a lot.   I know that some of the scenes I saw on the uncut bootleg copies I've watched over the years were not seen on the Get versions.    The Get quality though was superior to the bootleg tapes. 


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Re: Bing's Christmas TV Specials

I've seen about the GET tv broadcasts even the Black Friday airings, and I would've loved to watch it, but I don't get the channel on TV ironically.

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