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A seldom heard Christmas song by Bing

I recently came across this seldom heard Christmas song by Bing: It's Christmas.
It comes from the Christmas sing with Bing programme of 1959 (and was also used in the programme of 1960).

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have CD(s) of the songs on the Christmas sing with Bing programmes? I wonder why nobody has taken up on this. Some quite good songs on these shows!


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Re: A seldom heard Christmas song by Bing

Actually this song was released on an excellent CD filled with unusual Bing Christmas songs.   This was a CD I originally got from Chick Wilson, he always found the most odd Bing CD.   This "Secret of Christmas" CD contained all 4 different versions of "Secret of Christmas" the film versions of "Snow" "White Christmas" & "Count Your Blessings" & "Christmas Candles" from '64, "Just What I Wanted For Christmas", "Christmas Star" '72, Love Old St. Mary's '72, How Lovely Is Christmas '57 album and the single version, Rudolph w/Judy Garland '50, White Christmas '42 Radio Promo, White Christmas from Blue Skies, and my favorite version White Christmas from '55 plus other radio excerpt songs and varioius cuts from other Bing Christmas albums.    32 Christmas songs all on this CD.   I don't see any label on the CD though, maybe this was a home-grown CD made by someone that Chick got a hold of.   I was glad to order it though.   Another fond memory of Chick Wilson.


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Re: A seldom heard Christmas song by Bing

Hi Archiefit,
Your mention of this CD struck a cord; I believe I have it somewhere - but haven't played it in ages. I must look it up. Well, something to do for the Second Christmas day. (We actually have two over here: small country, long holidays!)

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Re: A seldom heard Christmas song by Bing

There's a new post to the Bing's jacket thread (the one he wore on cover of SEASONS) and I noticed when I looked at the SECRET OF CHRISTMAS CD there was a b/w picture of Bing (really awful, Bing looked as mad as a hornet) which was on the cover of this home made CD.   Why the guy would choose this awful picture for a cover I don't know, anyway it was from the photo session when Bing was wearing the infamous plaid jacket.   I'm glad they didn't choose this photo for the cover of SEASONS.   In fact years ago when I bought this SECRETS... CD I taped a new color good looking picture of Bing over the bad b/w pic.


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